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The Old Hall Hotel, BuxtonThe Old Hall Hotel, Buxton

Old Hall Hotel
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Summer at The Old Hall Hotel

The Old Hall Hotel circa 1850

Four Poster Room at The Old Hall Hotel

Four Poster Room at The Old Hall Hotel




This venue is available for private hire - we can provide a paranormal-themed event for any occasion. Corporate team-building, hen parties, birthday celebrations or simply a unique evening with friends - we can offer you a night to remember!

'This is indeed a very special place with its own special feeling'
(Daniel Defoe - while staying at The Old Hall Hotel in 1727)

No-one other than Eerie Evenings has investigated this venue, which is still shrouded in mystery when it comes to its hauntings. Thought by some to be the oldest hotel in England, no-one knows which spirits await us at The Old Hall Hotel in Buxton...

The history of the site possible dates back to at least 3000 years ago, as historians believe that a building to give shelter and sustenance to travellers has stood in that location since pre-Roman times. This is due to the hot spring, now directly beneath the eastern end of the hotel, which would have been an important sacred shrine for Celtic travellers and would later surely become popular baths in the important  Roman settlement 'Aqua Arnemetiae', named after the Celtish goddess of the spring - now known as Buxton! Indeed, the archaeological discoveries of a Roman stone bath and a deposit of coins near the spring back up this theory.

The building as we see it today dates back to 1573. The New Hall, as it was known then, was commissioned by the Earl and Countess of Shrewsbury, the latter being the redoubtable 'Bess of Hardwick', who famously had both Chatsworth and Hardwick Hall commissioned also.

On the foundations of an earlier inn or hostelry known as 'The Auld Hall', it was built with the sanction of Queen Elizabeth I in order to provide accommodation for Mary Queen of Scots who was under house arrest in the keepership of the Shrewsburys.

 Although effectively a prisoner, records show that Mary greatly enjoyed her summers in Buxton and regularly took to the waters between 1573 and 1584 - much to the annoyance of Elizabeth. Although the two supposedly never met, there was a rumour that Elizabeth intended to visit the Hall in disguise in order to observe her cousin's incarceration. If she did, the fact that it was covert means that we have no record of the event. On her last visit to Buxton, Mary carved the following  into a window:

'Buxton, whose warm waters have made thy name famous, perchance I shall visit thee no more - Farewell.'

This inscription can still be seen today in Room 26. Mary was finally executed in 1587. There are some guests who return year after year  due to the 'presence' of Mary that they believe they can feel while staying in this room.

Although the Duke of Devonshire rebuilt the hall in 1670, the original building still remains behind the facade and extension. This means that the Old Hall Hotel boasts a rich past full of intrigue and historical significance. It is unsurprising, therefore, that over the years, members of staff and residents have reported witnessing paranormal activity. Shadowy figures, a sense of being watched and unexplained noises are just a few of the strange incidents experienced in the hotel. The Orchestra Pit - a cellar bar and function room - is notorious for its strange atmosphere when empty, and many members of staff refuse to go down there alone.

There is, however, virtually nothing known about the identities of the spirits who apparently reside here. Is Mary still visiting The Old Hall to take the waters in death, as in life? Or (more likely perhaps), is the paranormal activity the work of other, less notorious characters who had worked, stayed, or even bathed on the site during its various incarnations?

Join Eerie Evenings as we try to unlock some of the mysteries surrounding this prestigious, grand old building. Through vigils, contact experiments, sťance and the insight of our psychic mediums, we hope to discover just who (or what...) is haunting the Old Hall Hotel.

'Had a fantastic night at Buxton last week (March 26th 2010). Eerie evenings at its best. Fantastic hotel and a great group to be out with.' - R. Hale

Ghost Hunt at The Old Hall Hotel Can Include:

~ Welcome Drink of Traditional Mead
~ Three Course Meal By Candlelight
~ History Talk and Ghostly Tales
~ Platform Readings by Spiritualist Mediums
~ Late-Night Ghost Hunt & Paranormal Investigation
~ Opportunity to use Ghost-Hunting Equipment
~ Sťance and Controlled 'Contact Experiments'
~ Optional Hotel Accommodation and Breakfast
~ Refreshments Throughout

*We suggest that the event runs from approx. 8pm - 2:30am but this is completely up to you depending on your requirements*

To enquire about a private event at The Old Hall Hotel:

PLEASE CALL: 0845 201 3994

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