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History of Salford Hall Hotel

Built in 1470 as a place of residence for monks from nearby Evesham Abbey, this pretty manor house has had several different uses before arriving at its current incarnation as a luxury Best-Western hotel.

After the dissolution of the monasteries during the reign of Henry VIII, Salford Hall passed into private hands. By the time of Elizabeth I in the late 16th century it had become the home of the Stanford family who built a large stone extension to the house. The Stanfords were staunch Roman Catholics,  and seeing as Elizabeth re-introduced Protestantism to England, it was certainly a dangerous time for them to be practising Catholics. It is for this very reason that a priest hole, cleverly hidden behind some shelving in a shallow cupboard, was built into a wall on the upper floor. It can still be seen today and is considered one of the best preserved examples of a priest hole from that period. Then, in the early 1700s, the ground floor of the North Range was converted to a chapel, which was served by Benedictine monks from 1727 until the end of the century.

After the last of the Salford family had left the house in 1812, it was inhabited by nuns who had fled from Flanders where they had been imprisoned during the French Revolution. They remained at Salford Hall from 1807 until 1838. After this, the building was largely left empty, apart from caretakers and short-term leases, for over 150 years until it was lovingly restored and converted into the luxury Grade I listed hotel which we see today, opening in 1987.

Ghosts of Salford Hall Hotel

Now, here at Eerie Evenings H.Q., we are used to visiting haunted venues and hearing all about the ghostly-goings-on which have been reported over the years. But even we were surprised and excited at the sheer wealth of paranormal activity which had occurred even within that very week of our visit, let alone over the several years in which it has operated as a hotel.

Several of the bedrooms appear to be 'hot-spots' for paranormal activity, with one area  known simply as 'the haunted corridor', somewhere that members of staff don't like at all, refusing to sleep in any of the four rooms themselves.

On this corridor, it is room 12 (the bridal suite) which seems to be the focal point for strange phenomena. One member of staff's family staying in that room reported hearing strange, disembodied voices while in the bathroom and several female guests have asked to be moved to a different room due to an intense feeling of discomfort. Perhaps the strangest occurrence in room 12 was when the maid entered one morning to discover all of the bulbs from the chandelier had been removed. Assuming someone had borrowed them overnight, she fetched a ladder to replace them. To her astonishment, upon climbing the ladder she discovered all of the light bulbs neatly arranged on top of the four-poster bed canopy. The fact that the room had been unoccupied the night before makes this a very strange incident indeed!

In the old stable block - one of the outhouses situated a few hundred yards from the main building - there has also been some unexplained happenings. For example, in room 22 a couple rang reception one night as they could hear a man in the next room 'beating his wife'. Staff ran over to find all was quiet and that no-one was actually occupying the room in question anyway. Having reassured the couple, they returned to the main building only to get a phone call shortly afterwards from the same couple who were now in some distress, insisting that there was definitely a very physical row occurring in the room next door. Again, staff members went over and this time showed the couple the empty room and therefore the impossibility of what they had heard. It was discovered the next morning that the couple had spent the remainder of the night sleeping in their car as they were so frightened by what they were hearing emanating from a completely empty room. Interestingly, folklore has it that at some point in the distant past, a stable boy was raped and murdered in this area.

Other activity in the main building includes black shadowy figures seen in and outside the restaurant that of the sound of barrels being dragged around in the cellar when there is no-one down there. This is heard on a frequent basis and some have theorised it's the Benedictine monks (keen brewers of beer themselves) inspecting our 21st century ales!

The restaurant is in the area which was once the chapel; black figures have been seen walking past the windows (in an area now inaccessible) and one member of staff has seen one of these black figures standing motionless in the restaurant itself for a period of about three minutes. Could these apparitions be in any way connected to the tunnel which is rumoured to run from underneath this area to the local church?

The stories we have outlined here are just a small selection of those which you will hear on the night. Salford Hall Hotel certainly provides one of the most luxurious settings for a ghost-hunt; after the event why not take advantage of the accommodation and enjoy a good night's sleep? Assuming, that is, you don't choose to test your nerve in one of the haunted bedrooms...!

Ghost Hunt at Salford Hall Hotel Includes:

~ Welcome Drink of Traditional Mead
~ Three Course Dinner
~ Platform Readings from our Spiritualist Mediums
~ Ghostly Tales and History Talk
~ Late-Night Ghost Hunt & Paranormal Investigation
~ Opportunity to use Ghost-Hunting Equipment
~ Séance and Controlled 'Contact Experiments'
~ Refreshments Throughout
~ Optional Overnight Accommodation & Breakfast

~The event will run from approx. 8pm - 2:30am~

Ticket Price: £59 (Event Only)

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Ticket Price: £115 (Includes B&B)

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