Dudley Castle

Dudley, West Midlands, DY1 4QF

Dudley Castle Ghost Hunt

Dudley Castle is one of the most haunted castles in the world. First built in 1071, the castle has a bloody history. It was destroyed twice as punishment for the disloyalty of the families who owned it, and many of those family members reside there still, along with the ghosts of the many who lived and died tragically within the castle walls. Some of the most famous ghosts in Dudley include the Grey Lady, the most frequently seen of Dudley’s ghosts, and the cursed drummer boy, who is said to bring bad luck to those who see or hear him.

To learn some of the countless ghostly tales of Dudley Castle, join a twilight tour of the Castle and its grounds. You will have the chance to explore the site, try out some ghost hunting equipment and stake out some of Dudley’s paranormal hotspots, including the Chapel Undercroft, the most haunted part of the Castle, where a group of ghost hunters once caught evidence of ghostly activity on camera.

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As well as public events, we also offer the opportunity to go on a private tour with a group of friends, family members or colleagues. To book your place on a Dudley Castle ghost hunt or to book a private tour, simply check our website to find the upcoming tour that you would like to join.