The Skirrid Inn

Abergavenny, Monmouthshire, NP7 8DH

History of The Skirrid Inn

The Skirrid Mountain Inn was built over nine centuries ago, with it first being mentioned on record in 1110, thus making it the oldest pub in Wales. It is also one of the leading claimants to be the oldest standing pub in Great Britain.

The inn is so called because of the mountain that looms over it, ‘Skirrid Mountain’, which is sometimes called ‘Holy Mountain’. Legend has it that it cracked in two at the time of Christ’s crucifixion. The ancient ‘mounting stone’ in the forecourt is said to have been used by many Welsh and English Kings over the centuries, and Owain Glyndwr, the great Welsh rebel, supposedly rallied his troops at this very stone before his famous attack on¬†Pontrilas during the 14th Century.

‘Hanging’ Judge Jeffries is thought to have started his infamous career at The Skirrid Inn, although records are unclear. According to folklore, between the 12th and 17th Centuries over 180 people were hanged from a beam on the staircase. It is claimed that this beam still remains in place today, complete with apparent rope marks. It is also thought that the first floor would have been a fully functioning court room; complete with a cell in which prisoners spent their last night – presumably listening to the jovial festivities of their prosecutor and executioner in the bar below.

Ghosts of The Skirrid Inn

In an atmosphere of misty legends and ancient folklore, of terrifying incarceration and merciless executions it is unsurprising that The Skirrid Inn is a very haunted building. It attracted the attention of popular TV show ‘Most Haunted’, a particularly memorable episode, as well as featuring on ITV’s ‘Extreme Ghost Stories’ in January 2006. Haunted pubs expert Richard Jones even recently declared The Skirrid to be the most haunted in the UK.

Glasses often fly across the bar by themselves, faces have been seen at the windows, guests feel a ghostly noose slip around their necks, things mysteriously disappear only to turn up weeks later and residents wake to an icy cold room and the feeling they are being watched. It is thought that one of the main spirits at the inn is that of 17th-century barmaid Fanny Price. Numerous mediums have given this name in connection to the paranormal activity, including Most Haunted’s Derek Acorah.

However, it is clear that more than one spirit is responsible for the spooky experiences to be had at The Skirrid Inn. Maybe Eerie Evenings’ very own mediums will be able to shed some light on the ghostly perpetrators, or at least give some insight into the truth of the historical legends surrounding the building.

The Skirrid Mountain Inn is one of the scariest places you will ever visit. Believer, sceptic or in-between, an Eerie Evening at The Skirrid Inn will be an experience like no other.