The Skirrid Inn

Abergavenny, Monmouthshire, NP7 8DH

The Skirrid Inn Ghost Hunts

If you are looking for unique ghost hunting events and tours in Abergavenny then look no further than a night to remember at the Skirrid Inn. This is believed by experts to be the most haunted pub in Britain and has been featured on Living TV’s “Most Haunted” series.

The History

The Skirrid Inn is the oldest pub in Wales and a hot contender for the title of oldest pub in Britain, dating back to 1110. Back then, public houses often served as civic buildings. The Skirrid Inn is no exception, having been used as a courthouse and the place of execution for 182 people hung to death from a beam within its walls. Legend has it that the ghosts of both the condemned and their executioners still haunt the rooms of the inn.

The Hauntings

One of the most famous apparitions glimpsed by visitors is that of a lady in white, believed to be the spirit of a 17th century barmaid named Fanny Price. The strange happenings include glasses flying across the bar, faces appearing in the windows, and some claim to feel a phantom noose around their necks leaving a mark. On one occasion a ten pound note with three pound coins atop moved along the bar on its own accord for three minutes before dropping to the ground.

Why Choose Eerie Evenings?

Eerie Evenings offers an experience like no other. Why simply visit one of the most haunted pubs in Britain when you can take part in a genuine ghost hunt under the guidance of professional ghost hunters? The Skirrid Inn ghost hunt begins with a tour of the building during which you will learn the history of the inn and hear the tales of alleged apparitions and manifestations.

This will be followed by a demonstration in platform mediumship, hands-on experience with real ghost hunting equipment in exploring the hotpots, and a controlled contact experience, or séance. The brave will have the opportunity to venture alone, but the Eerie Evenings team of renowned mediums and investigators will be available throughout your ghost hunting experience.